Summer Camps in Colorado 2018

Everyone loves summer. Well, at least most of us do. For parents, it can be a difficult time of year because after all most parents don’t get to take the summer off and enjoy the summer months of fun with their kids, they still have to work. So what do you do with your kids while you still have to work and schools out?


Depending on how old your kids are, a lot of families like to consider summer camps. In Colorado, you have a lot to choose from. Whether it be day camps or overnight camps, there’s plenty to choose from. For the first time this summer my eleven-year-old is considering an overnight camp. The only drawback is some of them can be costly, so it’s certainly an expense to plan for and register early to lock in your spot. Some of the camps do offer financial aid options for those who may qualify. 


When I was doing my research on camps available this summer season, I stumbled across some pretty neat options. I’ve compiled a brief listing of camps to help you in your search for the right camp for you and your little one. Spots fill up fast at some of these camps so get in early.  


Globalsound Music Academy

555 Alter Street, Unit 19-F, 303.439.7959

Globalsound Music Academy offers two different groups: Rock Band Camps or Singing Camps.

Rock Band Camp:  Ages 10 and up. Bands are placed together by age and skill level. Practice Monday through Friday for three hours each day, then Saturday is full concert day. The bands even get to record their songs in a state of the art studio and get to take home a CD with the band’s name and picture on it with the music.

Singing Camp: Ages 9-12. Same structure as the Rock Band Camp.

Price $240/week

Avid 4 Adventure

3200 Carbon Place, Ste. 102, Boulder, 800.977.9873

Avid offers day and overnight camps. The day camps have different types of outdoor activities to accommodate different interests. The overnight camp has two different locations: 1st – 6th graders camp in Bailey, 7th – 11th graders camp is in Evergreen. Depending on your kid’s age drives the length of stay and what type of activities kids will be part of. There is so much information available, to much to put into one little blurb. Check out their website for detailed information and prices.


Mad Science

Mad Science offers summer camps and vacation programs that integrate learning, science, and fun. The programs focus on allowing the kids to be hands-on with science activities. If you have a kid who would be interested in building a robot and getting to take it home then this is the place for them.                                                                                     Check it out:

Engineering for Kids

Offers a learning environment focused on technology, science, engineering, and math to kids ages 4-14. This summers camp is focused on high tech Robotics, Electronics, Aerospace, and Minecraft Modding. The camp begins June 4, ongoing every week through August 10th. They begin at 8:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. Aftercare is also available until 5:30 p.m. See the website for additional information and registration.

Keystone Science School

The summer camps are unique in that they blend science with outdoor and experiential educational activities. They have day programs as well as overnight camps, with the third option – Adventure Camp. There is something for everyone. They also have financial aid resources available. See website for additional information. They do require 20% deposit due at registration. Which is non-refundable.

Camp Chautauqua

This is a day camp only, where they focus on life skills and the essence of adventure in Boulder. Kids ranging from 6-13 years old can attend all day activities, they also have morning only or afternoons only, and find activities that encourage them to be explorers. Prices vary depending on times and preferred package. See website for complete details.

Colorado Adventure Point

Are you interested in having your kids explorer Denver’s Urban culture? Do they want to be part of a new city adventure every day? Then look no further. This camp explorers a place of history in Denver and surrounding areas, picking a new adventure daily. The campers will visit museums, learning about different cultures, animals, and much more. The curriculum is STEM-based, and they will learn about biology and physics. Registration is open for dates between June 4 – August 10. Visit the website for complete details.

Talk to the Camera

What an incredible outlet for your little filmmakers! This camp encourages their campers to express their creativity through filmmaking. The focus is teaching kids about communication, self-confidence, creativity, and fun, along with building social skills. They have the choice between learning about the basic in’s and out’s of starting a new broadcast, becoming a “Youth tuber” or making a mini-movie. Check out the website to get your kid in showbiz.

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